Mycobacteria and phage

MycoMemSVM: Identification of mycobacterial membrane proteins and their types

MycoSec: Identification of mycobacterial secretory proteins

Mycosub: Predicting subcellular localization of mycobacterial proteins

PVPred: Identification of phage virion proteins

PHPred (version1.0) and (version 2.0): Prediction of bacteriophage proteins located in host cell

PHYPred: Prediction of bacteriophage enzymes and hydrolases

Lypred: Prediction of bacterial cell wall lyase

Ion channel and toxin

IonchanPred 2.0: Identification of ion channels and their types

iCTX-Type: Predicting the types of conotoxins in targeting ion channels

iVKC-OTC: Identifying the subfamilies of voltage-gated potassium channe


ThermoPred: Identification of thermophilic proteins

AcalPred: Discriminating acidic enzymes from alkaline enzymes

Sub-subcellular localization

ChloPred: Prediction of subchloroplast locations of proteins

TetraMito: Prediction of submitochondria locations of proteins

subGolgi: Prediction of subGolgi locations of proteins


CaLecPred: Predicting the cancerlectins

IGPred: Identification of immunoglobulins

C2Pred: Prediction of cell-penetrating peptides

ApoliPred: Identification of apolipoproteins

HBPred and HBPred2.0: Identification of hormone-binding protein

TFPred: Predicting Preference of Transcription Factors for Methylated DNA

iBLP: Predicting Bioluminescent proteins


iPhoPred: Predicting the Phosphorylation Sites in Human Protein

iCarPS: identifying protein carbonylation sites

Deep-Kcr: detection of lysine crotonylation sites

iRice-MS: detection of lysine six modifications in rice