DNA elements

iNuc-PhysChem and iNuc-force: Identification of nucleosomes in S. cerevisiae genome

iRSpot-PseDNC, iRSpot-Pse6NC and iRSpot-Pse6NC2.0: Prediction of recombination spots in S. cerevisiae genome 

iNuc-PseKNC: Predicting nucleosomes in H. sapiens, C. elegan, D. melanogaster genomes 

iTIS-PseTNC: Identification of translation initiation site in human genes 

iPro54-PseKNC and iPro70-PseZNC: Identification of sigma54 and sigma70 promoter in prokaryotic genomes 

iORI-PseKNC1.0, iOri-PseKNC2.0 and iOri-Human: Identification of origin of replication in S. cerevisiae and H. sapiens genome 

iORI-Euk: Identification of origin of replication in eukaryotic genome 

iTerm-PseKNC: Identifying bacterial terminators

DNA modified sites

iDNA4mC: identifying DNA N4-methylcytosine sites

iDNA6mA-PseKNC and i6mA-Pred: Identifying DNA N6-methyladenosine sites

iDNA-MS: Identifying DNA modification sites