Hao Lin Hui Ding Research Scientist Students Postdoc Visiting Scholars Alumni Position

Hao Lv Ph.D. Lecturer

I am a lecturer of Center for Informational Biology and the Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation of Ministry of Education in UESTC (Supervisor: Hao Lin). I mainly focused on developing machine learning/deep learning tools for identifying DNA, RNA, and protein modification sites. Currently, I am interested in developing computational pipeline to generate embedding and identify cell types from single-cell Hi-C data.

Google Scholar:  Hao Lv

E-mail: haolv(at)uestc.edu.cn/haolvuestc(at)gmail.com


Education and Training

2019-2023 Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan, China

2021-2022 Visiting Ph.D. student in DMLS, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland (Supervisor: Mark Robinson)

2017-2019 M.S in Bioinformatics, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan, China

2013-2017 B.S in Bioinformatics, Shanxi Agricultural University, Shanxi, China


Published Papers

36. Zhi-Feng Gu, Yu-Duo Hao, Tian-Yu Wang, Pei-Ling Cai, Yang Zhang, Ke-Jun Deng, Hao Lin*, Hao Lv*. (2024) Prediction of blood-brain barrier penetrating peptides based on data augmentation with Augur. BMC Biology, 22(1): 86. (2022 IF: 5.4)(中科院一区Top)

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34. Fu-Ying Dao, Hao Lv, Melissa J. Fullwood*, Hao Lin*. (2022) Accurate Identification of DNA Replication Origin by Fusing Epigenomics and Chromatin Interaction Information. Research, 2022: ID 9780293. (2021 IF: 11.036)

33. Zijie Sun&, Qinlai Huang&, Yuhe Yang, Shihao Li, Hao Lv, Yang Zhang, Hao Lin*, Lin Ning*. (2022) PSnoD: identifying potential snoRNA-disease associations based on bounded nuclear norm regularization. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 23(4): bbac240.(2021 IF: 13.994)

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