Hao Lin Hui Ding Research Scientist Students Visiting Scholars Alumni Position

Yu-He Yang Ph.D. candidate

Yu-He Yang is a Ph.D. candidate of Center for Informational Biology and the Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation of Ministry of Education in UESTC (principal investigator: Hao Lin). Her research focus is AI and medicine.

E-mail: yuheyang@std.uestc.edu.cn

Education and Training

2021-Present     Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering
University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan, China

2019-2021         MSc in Biophysics
University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan, China

2015-2019         BSc in Bioengineering
Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Hunan, China


Published Papers

8. Jia’an Qin &, Yu-He Yang &, Chao Ai &, Zhaoshuai Ji, Wei Chen, Yingchang Song, Jiayu Zeng, Meili Duan, Wenjie Qi, Shutian Zhang, Zhuoling An, Yang Lin, Sha Xu, Kejun Deng*, Hao Lin*, Dan Yan*. (2024) Antibiotic combinations prediction based on machine learning to multicenter clinical data and drug interaction correlation. International journal of Antimicrobial Agents 63(5): 107122. (2022 IF: 10.8) [Full Text]

7. Yu-He Yang, Cai-Yi Ma, Dong Gao, Xiao-Wei Liu, Shi-Shi Yuan, Hui Ding*. (2023) i2OM: Toward a better prediction of 2′-O-methylation in human RNA. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 239:124247.(2021 IF: 8.025) [Full Text] [Websever]

6. Yu-He Yang, Dong Gao, Xue-Qin Xie, Jia-An Qin, Jian Li, Hao Lin*, Dan Yan*, Ke-Jun Deng*. (2022) DeepIDC: A prediction framework of injectable drug combination based on heterogeneous information and deep learning. Clinical Pharmacokinetics, 61(12):1749-1759.(2021 IF: 5.577) [Full Text]

5. Zhao-Yue Zhang, Lin Ning, Xiucai Ye*, Yu-He Yang, Yasunori Futamura, Tetsuya Sakurai, and Hao Lin*. (2022) iLoc-miRNA: Extracellular/Intracellular miRNA Prediction Using Deep BiLSTM with Attention Mechanism. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 23(5):bbac395.(2021 IF: 13.994) [Full Text] [Websever]

4. Zijie Sun&, Qinlai Huang&, Yu-He Yang, Shihao Li, Hao Lv, Yang Zhang, Hao Lin*, Lin Ning*. (2022) PSnoD: identifying potential snoRNA-disease associations based on bounded nuclear norm regularization. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 23(4): bbac240.(2021 IF: 13.994) [Full Text] [Websever]

3. Yu-He Yang, Jia-Shu Wang, Shi-Shi Yuan, Meng-Lu Liu, Wei Su, Zhao-Yue Zhang*, Hao Lin*. (2021) A Survey for Predicting ATP Binding Residues of Proteins Using Machine Learning Methods. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 29(5): 789-806. (2021 IF: 4.740) [Full Text]

2. Zhao-Yue Zhang, Yu-He Yang, Hui Ding, Dong Wang*, Wei Chen*, Hao Lin*. (2020) Design powerful predictor for mRNA subcellular location prediction in Homo sapiens. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 22(1): 526–535. (2019 IF: 8.990)(ESI) [Full Text] [Websever]

1. Yu-He Yang, Chi Ma, Jia-Shu Wang, Hui Yang, Hui Ding*, Shu-Guang Han*, Yan-Wen Li*. (2020) Prediction of N7-methylguanosine sites in human RNA based on optimal sequence features. Genomics, 112: 4342–4347. (2019 IF: 6.205) [Full Text]