Hao Lin Hui Ding Assitant Students Postdoc Visiting Scholars Alumni Position

Zhao-Chun Xu M.S. lecturer

He graduated in 2002 from Nan-Chang University majoring in mathematics with a BS. degree, later got a master’s degree from Jing-De-Zhen ceramic university. He has working as a math teacher since the year 2002. He started to work in bioinformatics field in 2015. During this time, he published several papers and participating in or directing multiple projects. Baidu Scholar ResearcherID

E-mail: jdzxuzhaochun@163.com


Selected Papers

9. Zhao-Chun Xu, Peng-Mian Feng, Hui Yang, Wang-Ren Qiu, Wei Chen*, Hao Lin*. (2019) iRNAD: a computational tool for identifying D modification sites in RNA sequence. Bioinformatics, DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btz358. (2018 IF: 4.531)

8. ZC Xu, P Wang, WR Qiu, X Xiao. (2017) iSS-PC: Identifying Splicing Sites via Physical-Chemical Properties Using Deep Sparse Auto-Encoder.Scientific Reports, 7(1): 8222. (2016 IF: 4.259)

7. ZC Xu, WR Qiu, X Xiao. (2017) iRSpotH-TNCPseAAC: Identifying Recombination Spots in Human by Using Pseudo Trinucleotide Composition With an Ensemble of Support Vector Machine Classifiers.Letters in Organic Chemistry, 14(9):703-713. (2017 IF: 0.7300)

6. ZC Xu, SY Jiang, WR Qiu, YC Liu, X Xiao. (2017) iDHSs-PseTNC: Identifying DNase I Hypersensitive Sites with Pseuo Trinucleotide Component by Deep Sparse Auto-encoder. Letters in Organic Chemistry, 14(9): 655-664. (2017 IF: 0.7300)

5. WR Qiu, SY Jiang, ZC Xu, X Xiao, KC Chou. (2017) iRNAm5C-PseDNC: identifying RNA 5-methylcytosine sites by incorporating physical-chemical properties into pseudo dinucleotide composition. Oncotarget, 8(25):41178-41188. (2017 IF: 5.168)

4. WR Qiu, BQ Sun, X Xiao, ZC Xu, JH Jia, KC Chou. (2017) iKcr-PseEns: Identify lysine crotonylation sites in histone proteins with pseudo components and ensemble classifier. Genomics, 110(5):239-246. (2017 IF: 2.910)

3. WR Qiu, BQ Sun, X Xiao, ZC Xu, KC Chou. (2016) iPTM-mLys: identifying multiple lysine PTM sites and their different types. Bioinformatics, 32(20):3116-3123. (2016 IF: 7.307)

2. WR Qiu, BQ Sun, X Xiao, ZC Xu, KC Chou. (2016) iHyd-PseCp: Identify hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in proteins by incorporating sequence-coupled effects into general PseAAC.Oncotarget, 7(28):44310-44321. (2016 IF: 5.008)

1. WR Qiu, X Xiao, ZC Xu, KC Chou. (2016) iPhos-PseEn: Identifying phosphorylation sites in proteins by fusing different pseudo components into an ensemble classifier. Oncotarget, 7(32): 51270-51283. (2016 IF: 5.008)