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    Dihydrouridine commonly called 8U or D for short is one of the single most common form of RNA post-transcriptional modifications. D modification was formed by adding two hydrogen atoms to a uridine (U) base of which the carbon-carbon double bond at positions 5 and 6 are reduced. The modification can promote the conformational flexibility of individual nucleotide bases. And its levels are increased in cancerous tissues. Therefore, detecting D modification in RNA will contribute not only to molecular biology but also to medical science. iRNAD is a system for identifying whether a RNA sequence contains D modification sites based on machine learning method. In the process of training model, the RNA samples derived from five species were encoded by nucleotide chemical property and nucleotide density. Support vector machine was utilized to perform classification. The final model could produce the overall accuracy of 96.18% with the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve of 0.9839 in jackknife cross-validation test. We hope the webserver could provide convenience for wet-experimental scholars.