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About iORI-Euk

    DNA replication is a key step in maintaining the stable transmission of genetic information from parent to child and it is the basis of biological inheritance. The locations of the initiation of genomic DNA replication are defined as origins of replication sites (ORIs), which regulate the onset of DNA replication and play significant roles in DNA replication process.
    iORI-Euk is the first integrated predictor to provide the prediction of ORIs in eukaryotic genomes. It can identify the ORIs from different cell lines in eight eukaryotes (H. sapiens, M. musculus, D. melanogaster, A. thaliana, P. pastoris, S. pombe, K.lactis and S. cerevisiae), which included three kinds of cell lines from H. sapiens (K562, MCF7 and Hela), three kinds of cell lines from M. musculus (ES, MEF and P19), three kinds of cell lines from D. melanogaster ( Kc, Bg3 and S2) and four types of yeast (P. pastoris, S. pombe, K.lactis and S. cerevisiae).
    Three kinds of sequence encoding methods were proposed to formulate samples which were used as the input of the Support Vector Machine (SVM) to discriminate ORIs and non-ORIs. And high-precision prediction results are obtained by this online tool. We also provide the datasets and offline toolkit of iORI-Euk in 'Download' page. Welcome researchers to use.