Welcome To iORI-PseKNC2.0

Usage of iORI-PseKNC2.0

Step 1. Open the "Home" at http://lin.uestc.edu.cn/server/iORI-PseKNC2.0/ and you will see a brief introduction about the predictor.

Step 2. Click on the "Web server" button in banner, either type or copy/paste the query DNA sequences into the input box at the center,or upload a FASTA file. These input sequence should be in the FASTA format. Example sequences in FASTA format can be get by clicking on the "example" button

Step 3. Click on the "submit" button to see the predicted result. You will see the outcomes shown on the screen of your computer.

Step 4. The "Download" button provides the benchmark dataset and the Physico-chemical properties used in our model. Click on the "Citation" button to find the relevant papers that document the detailed algorithms. Some information about us can be obtained from "About us". And you can "Contact us" with any questions about iORI-PseKNC 2.0.