From this page, you may understand how to use our web server to start your prediction.


Question 1. How to make your prediction?
 Answer: Firstly,  you should either copy/paste or upload a file containing the query protein sequences with fasta format into the input box, shown as 1-zone and 2-zone position in the figure above. Secondly, you can choose a type of prediction in the 3-zone position of figure aboveFinally, you can click the submit button in area 4 of the map and then wait for the result to appear.

Question 2. The detailed explanation of the page of prediction results.
 Answer:  The output part of the result contains four types of information: 1. The name of the protein; 2. Which position on the protein is lysine (K); 3. The amino acid fragment sequence obtained by intercepting the upper and lower 25 amino acids at this position (total length 51 ); 4. The score obtained by the model prediction (the closer the score is to 1, the more likely the selected modification will occur).

That's all!