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The web-server iPro54-PseKNC was developed to predict σ54 promoters in prokaryote. See Figure 1 below for an illustration about the σ54 promoters. The current predictor is featured by formulating the DNA sample with a novel feature vector, the so-called pseudo k-tuple nucleotide composition (PseKNC), by which six local DNA structural properties, i.e., three angular parameters (twist, title and roll) and three translational parameters (shift, slide and rise), are incorporated.

Figure 1. A schematic illustration to show the basic structure of 54 promoter and its biological process.


(1) For each submission, the input sequences must be in FASTA format; i.e., each DNA sequence should start with a greater-than symbol (" > ") in the first column. The words right after the " > " symbol in the single initial line are optional and only used for the purpose of identification and description.

(2) If a query sequence contains any illegal character, the computation will be stopped by prompting a warning message.