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The web-server iACP was developed to identify the anticancer peptides based on the sequence information. The wrapper-type feature selection technique was used to seek optimized g-gap dipeptide. The overall accuracy of 95.06% was obtained in the jackknife cross-validation.

The webserver is available since August 4, 2014.



(1) For each submission, the number of protein sequences is limited at 100 or less;

(2) The input sequences must be in FASTA format; i.e., each protein sequence should start with a greater-than symbol (" > ") in the first column. The words right after the " > " symbol in the single initial line are optional and only used for the purpose of identification and description.

(3) If a query sequence contains any character other than the 20 single-letter codes for the 20 native amino acids, the prediction will be stopped with a warning message.