From this page, you may understand how to use our web server to start your prediction.


Question 1. How to make your prediction?
 Answer: First,  you should upload the protein sequences in fasta format. Secondly, you can choose a type of prediction in the 4-zone position of figure aboveFinally, you can click the submit button in area 5 of the map and then wait for the result to appear.

Question 2. How to upload your own sequence?
 Answer: There are two ways to upload a file. One way is to write the protien sequence with fasta format into the 2-zone position in the figure above, and you can view the sequence instance by clicking on the "example" option in area 5.  Another way is to upload a file containing the sequence of fasta format, you can click the 3 area button to upload such a file locally.

Question 3. What is the format requirements of fasta format sequence and file upload?

    Q1: What is fasta format sequence?
    A1: A sequence in FASTA format begins with a single-line description, followed by lines of sequence data. The description line (defline) is distinguished from the sequence data by a greater-than (">") symbol at the beginningTo view the example sequence in FASTA format, please click the example button on area 5 of the figure above.

   Q2: What is the request for the uploaded sequence file?
    A2: First, the file must contain the fasta format sequence information. Second, the file suffix name must be ".txt", ".fasta" or ".fa".

Question 4. The detailed explanation of the page of prediction results
Answer:  The prediction results interface consists of two parts. The area 1 in the figure above shows the predicted result information which including the prediction type of sequences, your protein sequences, and the 
 accuracy of the corresponding sequences. The area 2 shows the way you upload the sequences and the type of prediction information you choose.

That's all!