From this page, you may understand how to use our web server to start your prediction.


Step 1. Click on the Home button and you will see the homepage of HBPred on your computer screen. You may read the brief introduction about the predictor.
Step 2. Click on the webserver button to see the prediction interface. Either type or copy/paste the query protein sequences into the input box at the center of the page. User could also upload a protein sequence file below the input box. The input sequence should be in the FASTA format. Example sequences in FASTA format can be seen by clicking on the Example button on the right of the input box.
Step 3. Click on the Submit button to see the predicted result. If you use the four sequence samples in the Example window as an input, after clicking the Submit button, you will see the following outcomes shown on the screen of your computer. (i) Two samples were predicted as non-HBPs with the probabilities of 76.40% and 98.55%. (ii) Two samples were predicted as HBPs with the probabilities of 66.06% and 92.73%. All these results are fully consistent with the experimental observations. It only takes about few seconds for the above computation before the predicted results appear on your computer screen.
Step 4. Click on the Download button to download the benchmark data sets used to train and test the HBPred predictor.
Step 5. Click on the Citation button to find the relevant papers that document the detailed development and algorithm of HBPred.
Step 6. Click on the About us button to known us. You may also contact us using Contact button.