UniProt ID : A0RBT0
NCBI Taxonomy : 412694
Protein names : Thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase ResA
Organism : Bacillus thuringiensis (strain Al Hakam)
Taxonomy : Bacteria
Subcellular locations :Cell membrane;
Length : 173
Gene Ontology :
GO IDOntologyDefinitionEvidence
GO:0016021Cellular Componentintegral to membraneIEA
GO:0005886Cellular Componentplasma membraneIEA
GO:0016209Molecullar Functionantioxidant activityIEA
GO:0015036Molecullar Functiondisulfide oxidoreductase activityIEA
GO:0045454Biological Processcell redox homeostasisIEA
GO:0017004Biological Processcytochrome complex assemblyIEA
Function :Thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase which is required in disulfide reduction during c-type cytochrome synthesis. May accept reducing equivalents from CcdA, leading to breakage of disulfide bonds in apocytochrome c; following this reduction heme can be covalently attached (By similarity).